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Electrical tests

Electrical tests are an important part of every development process. Comprehensive tests must confirm whether the product meets the electrical requirements detailed in the specifications. As early as the A Model phase, extensive tests are carried out to ensure the product’s suitability under all specified conditions. Only once the C Model has passed all the tests can the product be transferred to serial production.

We can carry out the following tests internally:

Range of services

operating voltage range

Overvoltage test

Overvoltage test (jump start)

decrease and increase of supply voltage

Superimposed alternating voltage

Ground offset

Short voltage decrease

Reverse polarity

voltage drop out

Load dump without centralized load dump suppression

Load dump with centralized load dump suppression

Electric strength test

Insulation resistance

Voltage drop over mechanical contacts

Parasitic resistance on control inputs

Overcurrent strength of switching outputs

Short circuit protection

Low voltage shut-off

Over voltage shut-off

Standby current

individual tests

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