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Icy temperatures of-40°C up to extreme conditions of 105°C in the engine compartment, combined with vibrations, dust and moisturethe environment for our control systems is tough. We must check whether our products meet all the requirements in the validation phase of each development. In an iterative process, a prototype usually matures into a serial control unit after three revisions.

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Environmental simulation

The properties and functionality of electronic components are influenced by thermal and climatic conditions during transportation, storage and operation. Temperature and climate tests, which are required as early as the development phase and in various approval tests, ensure and optimise product quality. Exotronic GmbH has a climatic exposure test cabinet and a heat cabinet for this purpose.

Exotronic GmbH

Electrical tests

Electrical tests are an important part of every development process. As early as the A Model phase, comprehensive tests are carried out to ensure the product’s suitability under all specified conditions. Most of these tests are carried out internally.

Exotronic GmbH

100% testing

In order to meet our quality standards, each of our serial products is tested before delivery to the customer. A customer-specific end-of-line testing device that automatically tests and documents nearly every function is developed and produced specifically for this. This way we can ensure that only 100% tested and faultless products leave the premises.

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