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100% Testing

In order to meet our quality standards, each of our serial products is tested before delivery to the customer. A customer-specific end-of-line testing device that automatically tests and documents nearly every function is developed and produced specifically for this. This way we can ensure that only 100% tested and faultless products leave the premises.

The cost of the testing device varies greatly depending on the range of functions and the annual production volume. However, all our devices are based on the same fundamental principle, consisting of the Exotronic MIC module system and the CNC-milled design with dimensions of 600 x 400 mm.

Semi-automatic end-of-line testing device for a control unit and ignition spark generator

Contacting is carried out pneumatically

Testing of 30 different parameters

Comparing temperature sensors

Programming software

Storing test results, incl. serial numbers

Includes gauge for checking dimensions

Exploded diagram of a test chamber for an ignition spark generator

The vast majority of the testing devices are semi-automated, meaning that contacting by pneumatic cylinders, for example, happens automatically. As shown in this exploded diagram, the design appears simple on the outside but is actually significantly more complex. To protect the user and the test specimen, safety mechanisms are always integrated. For example, actuated microswitches have to send a release signal before a powerful pneumatic signal is activated or the ignition spark is generated.

An important feature of our testing devices is their robustness. For just under 15 years, some of them have been used every week without showing signs of mechanical wear.

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