controls are our passion

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Circuit design

Each development starts with designing the circuit. We design analogue and digital circuits by using Altium Designer, mostly controller-based, and cover a wide range of products. This lays the foundation for the price, accuracy, robustness and component availability of a circuit. The circuit design is also responsible for compliance with the EMC properties of a component. It determines how reliably a circuit can be manufactured, whether the properties can be reproduced, whether it can be tested well and, last but not least, how innovative a product is.

Controlls are our passion. We draw on a wealth of experience.


Almost 20 years of experience in developing electronics for climate comfort systems on buses

Primarily use of Renesas and Microchip processors

12 and 24 V vehicle electrical systems

high-voltage systems

EMC-compliant circuit design

High-current outputs with high power and mostly without a heat sink

large repertoire of proven formwork modules


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