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Vacuum potting

Electronic components are exposed to a number of different environmental conditions that could cause a breakdown or malfunction. This primarily means moisture, which can occur as a result of both condensation and wet conditions. Dirt, soldering flux, gases and acids represent additional risks to functionality. In addition to protective coating, we also offer circuit casting with polyurethane to safely protect circuit boards. The benefits in comparison to protective coating are increased electrical safety, increased mechanical stability due to component fixing, increased dielectric strength, improved heat dissipation and improved protection against the ingress of moisture and dust.

Vacuum potting

The casting of high-voltage transformers is a special feature. To reduce trapped air to a minimum, they are cast in a vacuum. This means the lifespan can be increased considerably thanks to partial discharges.

However, when it comes to optimal vacuum casting, it isn’t just one specific negative pressure that is important; rather it is a sequence of specific pressures. Pre-heating the component also plays an important role.

CNC-controlled output

In order to achieve a high level of repeatability and to be able to automatically cast multiple components in succession, the output of the 2-component material is CNC-supported. This is how a reliable and precise casting process can be achieved.

A piston dispenser system ensures the correct mixing ratio of the two components. Two pistons, each with a different diameter, are actuated simultaneously and monitored. We have also introduced comprehensive testing measures to maximise process reliability.


It isn’t just the casting process that is subject to specific parameters to be adhered to; the hardening process is too. Limiting the humidity to below a defined value, for example, is important for a flawless cast surface. If it is higher, thousands of tiny pin pricks will appear, making the product a reject, at least visually.

Contract potting

We also offer the casting process as a contract service. We have been casting thousands of modules per year since 2018 for a customer of DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies.

We also provide hipot tests for selected converters and labelling as per the customer’s wishes.

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