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Control units are made up of a variety of electronic components. Which parts are selected and connected to circuits is part of the circuit design process. It is the foundation of meeting the technical requirements. Whether the required accuracy for measurements such as voltage, current or temperature is maintained or the EMC, service life and climate requirements are met is decided by the components and the circuits used.

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Circuit design

Each development starts with designing the circuit. We design analogue and digital circuits by using Altium Designer, mostly controller-based, and cover a wide range of products. This lays the foundation for the price, accuracy, robustness and component availability of a circuit.

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A high-quality product is characterised by both excellently processed hardware and correspondingly good software. Only the perfect interaction of both can ensure safe operation under different operating modes. That is why our software development takes place in Assembler, in a problem-oriented way in C or on the PC platform in Delphi.

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