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Testing and measuring technology

In addition to serial production, we also offer testing and measuring technology at industrial quality. Many test rigs at well-known suppliers, for example, are equipped with our measurement and control technology. We also develop end-of-line testing devices or testing devices for carrying out investigations in the event of a complaint.

End-of-line testing device
Control unit and ignition spark generator for a vehicle heater

All of our products finish serial production with a 100% test result. To ensure that this process doesn’t take much time, we develop end-of-line testing devices for each product. For a control unit and ignition spark generator in the “Thermo G” series, it takes place in a fully self-sufficient device. To contact the control unit, two pneumatic cylinders press spring contacts onto the flat contacts from two different directions. A fully automated testing procedure then takes place to test all the functions.

Power Stack | ID 9626

The Power Stack is a switching and measuring module. It switches the positive branch of an external power source through to the test specimen. The electronic switch is either controlled externally via an external input or an analogue input or by setting internal parameters. The switching frequency of the internal switch is to be rated so highly that pulse width modulation (PWM) is possible at a frequency range of up to 20 kHz. The component supports multiple operating modes. Current and voltage are measured in all operating modes. Voltage is measured directly at the test specimen via sense lines and is galvanically isolated from all other units. The current is measured in two ranges with automatic measuring range selection, is available as an integrated direct current as well as an effective value and is also galvanically isolated from the 24V supply.

6-Channel temperature measurement module | ID 9648

Developed for tough day-to-day industrial usage, this 6-channel measurement system adapts thermocouples of different types. Each channel is equipped with an instrument amplifier and a 16-bit AD converter. The central unit and each of the channels are galvanically isolated from each other. Verified by means of a 5th order polynomial, the data sets are available to the user via a CAN interface.

Decoupling capacitor | ID 9346

More and more car components are being controlled in a quasi-analogue way by means of PWM (pulse width modulation). In test rigs where a high component compression is aimed for, disruptive voltage dips or surges may occur. A decoupling capacitor, designed for both 12 V and 24 V systems, remedies this. It has a capacity of 10,000 µF and is suitable for voltages of up to 40 V. Multiple ceramic capacitors improve the EMC properties of the components, designed using the 4-wire technique, and which can be mounted on a DIN mounting rail. An LED signals the voltage status. Brass reinforcements (optional) increase the permissible operating current to up to 60 A, which is allowed to flow continuously. Decoupling capacitors with 4,700 µF / 63 V are also available.

Shunt-Al | ID 9336

Recognise this situation? You want to measure the current or current flow and the devices available to you only have voltage inputs. Actually, you only need to add a measuring resistor into the current path and off you go. In practice, the heavy cords tug at the makeshift solution and make measurement difficult. With our Shunt-AI we’re providing a solution.

MIC module system

MIC is a modular control system with integrated functions. The name says it all. Its areas of application include automotive applications, industrial control technology, the home and laboratory sector, and numerous other fields of application. The exchange of information between the individual modules is CAN-based. Numerous modules have galvanic isolation between the input terminal voltage and the potentials of the application. Up to 12 LEDs signal errors and status. USB, CAN, RS232 and RS485 are available for external communication. The functions of each module are visualised and can be modified by means of uniform PC software.

MMC | ID 1010
(Monitoring Measurement Control)

In all automotive developments, the products must prove their suitability in a long-term test. Multiple test stations are often networked and controlled and monitored via a central PC. We, on the other hand, wanted to design a test rig where settings can be made at each test station, the status of the test specimen can be visualised and the parameters can be listed clearly. The result is a diminutive box with a high electronics density and outstanding properties, as well as a future-oriented approach.

Emergency shutdown module | ID 1010

In order to satisfy the standard “DIN EN ISO 13850 Safety of Machinery”, the use of an emergency stop switch is often necessary. Consequently, we have developed an independent module for this purpose, which was designed in the same design language as our other devices. The main focus is the illumination. The switch can be found in the dark from almost every angle, thus increasing safety.

MIC-Control | ID 1009

Only one independent control panel is available for the MIC module system developed by Exotronic. The parameters, functional condition, error messages and menu navigation can be displayed on a four-line alphanumeric OLED display, even in sunlight. A front cover that can be specially adapted provides additional clarity with further LED display options.
It is operated using a control dial/control button. This means a selection and choice can be made with just one input instrument.

For machine control applications, an EMERGENCY STOP button has been considered to deenergise complete systems. Within the MIC Bus, the display behaves like a module.

The multi-part aluminium casing provides a wide variety of mounting options. One product for countless applications.

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