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The mechanics are needed to clothe the electronics. In addition to protection from environmental influences, casing also offers the option of shaping connectors or dissipating waste heat into the environment in a cost effective way. If there are also visible parts in the cockpit, other skills such as the design of control panels or the construction of complex key guards are required. We have the expertise. Countless realised projects in conjunction with nearly 1 million electronic components produced are proof of this.

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CAD systems are used in nearly every branch of technology nowadays. We use a high-performance construction program to efficiently reproduce complex components. An advantage of this is the option of creating photo-realistic images before costly prototypes need to be manufactured. Furthermore, technical drawings can be derived easily and we are able to design milling strategies within a very short time by reading CAD data using our CAM system.

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Many manufacturers of electronic components rely on universal standard casing. We think that the functionality, ease of use, value and aesthetics are significantly influenced by the casing and that they should be given a great deal of attention. This is why we design individual casing for each of our products. The first question is what material it should be made from. Depending on the quantity, we offer injection-moulded parts made from plastic or milled parts made from plastic or aluminium.

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