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Developing a product is a challenge. Manufacturing it in large numbers, at a reasonable price and while meeting all quality requirements is another one entirely. Our specially designed equipment allows us to manufacture products precisely, quickly and efficiently.

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PCB assembly

When assembling the SMD (Surface Mounted Device), components are soldered straight onto a circuit board using solderable terminal surfaces. This may result in very high component density and assembly on both sides, which can have a positive effect on the electrical properties. This means that less assembly space is required, which also means that devices can be made smaller and produced in a more cost-effective way.

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Vacuum potting

Electronic components are exposed to a number of different environmental conditions that could cause a breakdown or malfunction. This primarily means moisture, which can occur as a result of both condensation and wet conditions. Dirt, soldering flux, gases and acids represent additional risks to functionality.

Exotronic GmbH

CNC processing

One reason for our speed, flexibility and attractive pricing is our CNC milling centre. It doesn’t matter whether flat contacts or cases for prototypes need to be milled in a few minutes, large numbers of cases for high-voltage control units need to be processed or auxiliary tools and complex production testing units need to be manufactured. We use our HSC milling machine for a diverse range of purposes.

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