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Concept and design studies

Visions and studies for control panels

DIN touchscreen air conditioning control panel

Why always have fixed buttons and a small display when the whole control panel could be one big touch-screen colour display? This was our approach for being able to not only control conventional air conditioning functions. With this study, it should be possible to control all the functions associated with air conditioning. Whether it’s a timer for the vehicle heater or for operating the roof hatches.

A study that has been made reality. We developed a prototype in order to study the user’s experience. We are convinced by the concept.

Design study: air conditioning control panel

How can an air conditioning control panel be designed if cost considerations are disregarded? We asked ourselves this question and designed an HMI that primarily consists of a huge touchscreen and also has two control knobs, which are equipped with integrated colour displays in turn.

The possibilities are completely new. A scale for the control knob that changes depending on the function. Intuitive, aesthetic and ergonomic.

Hatch Button
Roof hatch control panel with integrated control system

A button for a roof hatch, which also has the control system for the motors integratedour approach for markets in which price is critically important with just 1...2 roof hatches per bus.

The button can be pressed sequentially in order to select the 4 different roof hatch positions. The selected roof hatch position will be displayed on the button itself. The colour of the backlighting can be selected so that the button blends seamlessly into the cockpit.

The prototype is chosen using the dimensions so that it will fit into the recess of a standard switch.

Driver Unit 2
Roof hatch control panel

Our Driver Unit (roof hatch control panel) has been on the market for 1.5 decades and is due for a redesign. Higher visual quality while maintaining an attractive parts price - just one premise of the study.

Black, glass-like surfaces are the current trend in cars and, increasingly, in buses too. Taking this as a starting point, we designed a control panel with a rotary knob via which the roof hatch selection can be made and the roof hatch position can be selected. The current positions of all hatches are displayed with LEDs. And all this in a classy, glass-like black surface.

Study: central control panel for air conditioning functions and more

Operating most of the functions with one central control panel was the foundation of this study. A rotary knob with just 4 other buttons within reach of the driver is our solution. The user will be supported by additional displays, cost-effectively solved through backlit symbols that provide information about the menu currently active.

An appealing night design with an elaborately illuminated ring on the rotary knob, along with high-quality matt aluminium surface applications, complete this control panel.

Universal control panel

Small, powerful, inexpensive and universal-these attributes are embodied in our new control panel concept called "ThermoControl". Equipped with 8 touch sensors and a display, it can be used for a wide range of applications, such as an air conditioning control panel, pre-selection timer for heaters, roof hatch operation or light control. Both CAN and LIN bus communication are supported.
Our goal is to offer different assembly variants in order to be able to offer the required technical parameters at optimized costs.

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