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CAD systems are used in nearly every branch of technology nowadays. We use a high-performance construction program to efficiently reproduce complex components. An advantage of this is the option of creating photo-realistic images before costly prototypes need to be manufactured. Furthermore, technical drawings can be derived easily and we are able to design milling strategies within a very short time by reading CAD data using our CAM system. Whether highly-complex fuel cells, vehicle heaters or just simple casing – designs from Exotronic have already been incorporated into many serial products.

We usually design special injection-moulded casing for our serial products, the construction of which must take a variety of factors into consideration. For example, indentations are to be avoided, uniform wall thicknesses should be provided and draft angles should be selected depending on the material.

Range of services

Constructing detailed components

Visualising existing components

Developing appealing picture masks for graphic interfaces

Creating injection-moulded casing

Creating extruded profiles

Generating bent metal pieces

Deriving technical drawings

Creating photo-realistic images (rendering)

Conversion into all common universal formats

We can do more...

As an example of the fact that we don’t just design electronic components, we have designed a bus and a motor vehicle for the website. The vehicles have their own exterior design, interior, tinted windows and photo-realistic surfaces.

A complex component in CAD but only a small detail on the homepage.

Extruded profiles

There are many rules to be observed when realising extruded profiles. The adjacent illustration shows that the limits of what is technically feasible are quickly reached. For an extruded profile of a high-voltage control unit, an extruded profile had to be produced, which is very difficult to manufacture. The large accumulation of material in combination with the fine fins presented our supplier with a challenge.

On the move...

We develop special testing devices for our serial products. They are semi-automated to a large extent, meaning that contacting by pneumatic cylinders, for example, happens automatically. To protect the user and the test specimen, safety mechanisms are always integrated. For example, actuated microswitches have to send a release signal before a powerful pneumatic signal is activated.

An important feature of our testing devices is their robustness. For just under 15 years, some of them have been used every week without showing signs of mechanical wear.

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