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We love electronic systems and developing products is our passion. We cover everything: from conceptual planning, designing the circuit and designing the casing or the control panel through to moving to serial production.

Our services have been grouped into the following four main categories on this page: electronics, mechanics, validation and serial production. Each heading contains further subdivisions.

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We think from the outside in; that means adapting a component to its environment as you would tailor a suit to its wearer. This philosophy is also woven into the way we design circuits. We design analogue and digital circuits by using Altium Designer, mostly controller-based, and cover a wide range of products.

Exotronic GmbH


CAD systems are used in nearly every branch of technology nowadays. We have a high-performance construction program, which we use to efficiently reproduce complex components. An advantage of this is the option of creating photo-realistic images before costly prototypes need to be manufactured. Furthermore, technical drawings can be derived easily and we are able to design milling strategies within a very short time by reading CAD data using our CAM system.

Exotronic GmbH


Icy temperatures of -40°C up to extreme conditions of 105°C in the engine compartment, combined with vibrations, dust and moisture – the environment for our control systems is tough. We must check whether our products meet all the requirements in the validation phase of each development. In an iterative process, a prototype usually matures into a serial control unit after three revisions.

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Serial production

Developing a product is a challenge. Manufacturing it in large numbers, at a reasonable price and while meeting all quality requirements is another one entirely. Our specially designed equipment allows us to manufacture products precisely, quickly and efficiently.

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